Templates -
Yea - We Have Plenty

Yes, Templates for
your FREE Website.*
You just supply a few items and
we will do the rest.

Choose from hundreds of ready-made templates

Allowing you the ability to tailor your website for that unique look you always wanted

With our modern website templates you can easily choose your mobile-first template and
we will create your tablet and desktop sites as well - just pick the template you like, supply your content and,

Here's a Sample -


Stop banging your head against the wall

Follow these steps for your FREE website

Step 1 - Pick A Template

With over 100 templates to choose, we're sure you will find one that fits your needs both for now and in the future!

Step 2 - Supply Your Domain

Provide us the domain name and either change your DNS or allow us to change it to point to our servers.

Step 3 - Provide your content

Yes, send us your content - text, pictures, videos, ect, Whatever you want on your business website.

*What's The Catch?

The Catch is very simple -

You get a professionally build business website (with up to 5 pages) and the only fee you pay us for is hosting. Understand that this is not your $10/month hosting. It is a high speed, closed source platform complete with DDOS and Hacking Threats protection and more.

Our hosting fee is $35/month ($420 billed yearly). Which when you consider what we supply and what other companies are charging is very reasonable. Support options are also available.