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Variety -
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Do you want a Blog, a Real Estate Website to show your Properties, a Restaurant Website that includes Menus and a On-Line Ordering system, a Booking widget for Professionals to take appointments and more**.
We have that!

Choose from hundreds of ready-made templates

Allowing you the ability to tailor your website
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With our modern website templates you can easily choose your mobile-first template and
we will create your tablet and desktop sites as well - just pick the theme you like, supply your content and,

What is a Mobile First Website?

A website built for the smartphone

Welcome to the 21st century of Website Design. Mobile First Websites are build from the cell phone platform up. When your website is build with the Mobile First Platform you get so much more - A website that is optimised for the smartphone and shows beautifully on tablet and desktop also -  and that is just the start.

*What's The Catch?

The Catch is very simple -

You get a professionally build business website (with up to 5 pages) and the only fee you pay us for is hosting. Understand that this is not your $10/month hosting. It is a high speed, closed source platform complete with DDOS and Hacking Threats protection and more.

When you combine both our high speed hosting with the mobile-first web design you have the resources to have one of the highest ranking websites on the internet.

Our hosting fee is $35/month ($420 billed yearly). Which when you consider what we supply and what other companies are charging is very reasonable. Support and other options are also available.


**additional charges may apply